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Welcome to Healthy Holidays!

In recent years, many of us have experienced that health and well-being are one of the most important aspects of our lives. Health is a relative concept, but most of us experience that it is the basis of a happy life. Many people, however, do not realize that health is a direct reflection of how you think, what you feel, what you eat and drink and the environment you live in. We generally have all this in our own hands. Her vision is that life is a great learning experience to become who you are with everything you have to bring to this world.

Our health and well-being is tested daily. Pollution, stress, poor nutrition and radiation have a negative influence. And how can you best deal with that?

Health means taking responsibility for your own well-being. Being proactive about your health means that you create as many opportunities as possible to live as healthy as possible. You can't buy health, and the pills and powders you need if you can't manage your health are often not the solution. But what then? Neuroscience has long confirmed the correlation between a harmonious life and good health.
And what can you do yourself to achieve that? Your health needs attention, and you can find that at one of the healthy holidays. It is also inspiring to embark on a development trajectory with like-minded people.

We offer retreat weeks and holiday workshops for small groups and individual participants.
The workshop weeks are scheduled in our agenda and if you do not want to participate in a group trip, you can also travel individually.  You can also use the offer of individual sessions.

The workshops and retreats are supervised by Monique Beijer Sertel, naturopath, coach, trainer, consultant and for personal development, preventive health and sustainability.
Monique completed the 4-year course of naturopathic medicine in 1997 at the Academy for Natural Medicine (NCN) in the Netherlands. In addition, she has followed a 3-year training to become an Astrologer and she gives Human Design sessions. She has also been working with Quantum Biofeedback wellness system for 25 years. In recent years, Monique has also been working as a sustainability auditor for hotels according to the GSTC criteria. All information regarding the individual sessions are also described on this site.

She has been living in Antalya in Turkey since 2016 and has a beautiful place inland near Antalya where the workshops and retreats take place in Indigo Valley near Gebiz, which is located between Antalya and Serik.

You can work on yourself in all kinds of forms in the workshops. Do you need peace and reflection, do you want to clear your head or do you find it useful to gain insight into how you can combine tasty and healthy food. Or do you want to become more aware of who you are and what matters to you.
In all cases, the workshops are combined with a lot of holiday fun and we therefore offer a large number of options; something for everyone.
The beautiful nature certainly invites you to walk and muse somewhere in a hammock.
The workshops are ideal for those who seek contemplation, rest,
personal growth, activity and creativity, culture and nature and good food, all in one holiday
want to combine.
Do you want to discover your own space, freedom, strength and creativity in an environment that is wonderfully inspiring but also soothing? Register for one of our workshops. In addition to following the workshop, there is also free time to rest, read or undertake your own activities and explore the beautiful surroundings on foot.
Check out our programs to see which Workshop Holiday suits you best:

All programs start in the morning with a start up of mindful moves (quiet movements) and a short meditation (about 30 minutes). You are not obliged to participate.
After breakfast we start with the program you have registered for.
After lunch you are free to do whatever you want. For example, you can take a walk or an excursion or just relax in our garden. In the evening we sometimes have an extra program, such as painting, dancing or writing poems, in which you can participate if you wish.
All workshop holidays (group trips) include breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We mainly use organic and fresh fruit and vegetables.
Depending on the season, we pick the ingredients from our own organic garden. Dinner is provided by the locals on some days, which is also prepared by them themselves.

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Traveling Solo

For those who prefer to experience a retreat alone, we can book a period of a minimum of 3 nights and a maximum of one month. You can then use our (outside) yoga and meditation room and book individual sessions.

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