General terms and conditions for the workshop holidays of Healthy Holidays

  1. With regard to the training courses and workshop trips in Turkey or other travel-related locations, Indigo Academy carries the name Healthy Holidays, however all general terms and conditions of Indigo Academy, which also apply to Healthy Holidays, are in effect.
  2. If the agreement relates to Healthy Holiday, this means that Indigo Academy provides training and/or workshops at the agreed holiday destination.
  3. Indigo Academy assumes that all participants are aware of the information as described under the Healthy Holidays icon.
  4. The participants are obliged to take out travel and cancellation insurance before departure. This is not closed through Indigo Academy.
  5. Participants are expected to be mentally, emotionally and physically able to participate in the training sessions or workshops.
  6. The fee for the training courses and/or workshops at the holiday destination will be charged to the customer in advance. If the customer has not paid the full invoice amount before the start of these training courses, Indigo Academy is entitled to deny the participant access to the training until the full amount has been paid.
  7. In the case of a Healthy Holiday, Indigo Academy cannot be held liable in any way for any damage suffered by the participant during the trip or his or her stay.
    Indigo Academy cannot be held liable for services that it outsources to third parties.