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Healthy Holidays offers retreat weeks and workshops in which
personal development and health are central

In recent years, many of us have found health to be one of the most important things in life. For most, health is the foundation of a happy life. However, many people do not realize that health has a direct relationship with how you think, what you feel, what you eat and drink and with the environment you are in. Many studies have been done in neuroscience confirming that a harmonious life correlates with good health. But how can you achieve that? Our body has to endure a lot every day. Pollution, stress, unhealthy eating habits and, for example, radiation have a negative influence on our body and mind and therefore on our health.
Taking responsibility for your own well-being and health starts with paying attention to body and mind and you get that during one of the Healthy Holidays. You will also receive tools to give that attention to yourself in your daily life. We offer retreat weeks and holiday workshops for small groups - 4 to 8 people - and individual retreats.
The workshop weeks and courses are planned in our agenda. The individual trips are not in the agenda, you can book these trips in consultation. Choose one of the individual programs offered or design your own retreat by, for example, booking individual treatment sessions.
If you just want to rent the Tiny house or a wooden hut on Indigo Valley, check the rental section on this website for more information and booking. 

Healthy Holidays offers these group trips on

Indigo Valley 

All Healthy Holidays workshops and retreats are supervised by Monique Beijer, lifestyle coach, consultant and trainer, workshop supervisor, naturopath, astrologer and auditor for sustainable tourism. She has been living in Antalya in Turkey since 2016 and has a beautiful place in the interior near Antalya where the workshops and retreats take place. Below you will find the group tours offered by Healthy Holidays.
The workshop weeks run from Sunday to Friday afternoon. There are five workshop days with a morning program. In the afternoons you are free to do something yourself or just relax. If you wish, you can book additional days at an additional cost. This is possible without a program, but you can also book extra sessions in consultation.
On some evenings, an extra program can be offered in consultation. Think, for example, of dance, making music, painting, writing (poems) and the like. This is included in the price. You are completely free to participate or not.

Man met gespreide armen
Discovery & ınspiration

This week's theme is Becoming Who You Are. In a society where everything is expected of you and where many images are created that you may think you have to comply with, it is often difficult to discover who you really are, what your qualities and skills are and what you like to do . Our happiness and well-being are related to being able to live the life that is meant for us.
If you have decided that you really want to Become Who You Are, this week is sure to bring inspiration.

Mind & movement

During this week meditation and mindfulness exercises are on the program, good for body and mind. In this week you are invited to reflect on what is going on within you and how you want to deal with it. There are sometimes situations that you can't change, that you have to live with, but you can determine how you react to them. If you want to make more conscious choices and learn to move on the waves of life, this mind & movement workshop holiday will certainly bring you new insights that you can use at home.

Vrouwen doen yoga
Opengeslagen boek met bloemetjes
Relax & enjoy

This week is all about total relaxation. It's nice to do nothing at all or do those things that you don't have enough time for in daily life. The sun, the relaxed environment and the feeling that nothing is necessary but everything is allowed, provide space to relax and unwind. Design this relax & enjoy holiday workshop yourself and choose whether or not to choose workshops that appeal to you personally.

Detox & fit

Do you want to feel fitter, reset and have a healthy body? A detox program helps your body to excrete accumulated waste. Exercise - as much as you want or can - and the healthy outdoor air in combination with the warmth of the sun do the rest. This detox & fit week offers a 'gentle' detox program and plenty of opportunities to literally feel good about yourself again.

Glas met munt en citroen naast gestapelde stenen
Health & food

In this week we will discuus what health is, how disease can develop and what you van do yourself to maintain a good health. The theme of health is discussed from different angles. How can you eat healthy, what should you pay attention to? What is the role of vitamins/minerals and in which food do you find them. What is the role of stress in a disease process and what is the relationship between mind and body?
If you want to know how you can exert more influence on your own health, then book this health & food holiday.

Individual trips from Healthy Holidays at

Indigo Valley 

In addition to group travel, Healthy Holidays also offers individual trips and workshops. These trips are not booked in the agenda, the dates can be determined in consultation. It is also possible to come with a partner or a good friend. We mention the following three options, but perhaps you have an idea or have special wishes. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us, who knows what we can do for you - and your travel companion.
No fixed prices can be given for these individual trips because the trips are tailor-made. The programs are put together in consultation, after which we will provide you with a quote.


Sometimes you feel you need space for yourself. Perhaps you have had to deal with illness or stress and you long for peace, space and time for yourself. It can then be nice if a coach or supervisor sympathizes with you and thinks along in a safe and sunny setting. We can provide you with tools to organize your thoughts, release burdensome beliefs and emotions, connect you with yourself, get fit and make a new beginning. Take a look at the individual treatment sessions to get an impression of the possibilities. We will gladly put together a suitable program for you.

Lieveheersbeestje op halm
Zeep, olie
recovery service

Are you planning to undergo an operation in a clinic in Antalya or, for example, Side or Manavgat and do you want some aftercare afterwards? In many cases we can alleviate possible temporary discomforts with quantum biofeedback treatments. With the quantum biofeedback device, you can quickly bring the body back into balance, reduce pain and heal tissue damage faster. Take a look at the individual treatment sessions to get an impression of the possibilities. We consult together to put together a suitable program for you.

Courses at Healthy Holidays on

Indigo Valley 

Finally, Healthy Holidays offers two courses at Indigo Valley. The weeks in which these courses are given are listed in the agenda. If the dates mentioned do not suit you, please contact us to see if there are other options. The courses are ideally suited to be taken in a small group or with someone else, but you can also book them as an individual trip - all for yourself.

human design course

During this course week you will learn the basic knowledge of Human Design. It is a course in which you learn to gain more insight into yourself or the people around you. This basic course is a first introduction to human design. If you want, you can delve further into it afterwards.

Human Design Schema
astrology course

During this course week you will learn the basic knowledge of Astrology. The course also lends itself very well to gaining more insight into yourself or the people around you. Of course you only learn the basics, but it is a nice stepping stone to follow up later.
This is a very nice course to do with someone, but you are of course also welcome alone.

Rental accommodations

If you want to spend a week - or longer - on Indigo Valley, but you don't need one of the organized holiday options, you can rent one of the Tiny houses. Here you will find more information about the accommodations at Indigo Valley and Het Boshuisje in the Netherlands.

This is our fantastic location:

Indigo Valley is located on the edge of the forest near Gebiz, a small village northeast of Antalya, about a 45-minute drive from Antalya Airport. On the 2200 m2 space are sixty olive trees and various fruit trees. We plant new trees every year. In our organic vegetable garden we grow various vegetables and every year we make our own olive oil!
Indigo Valley has a luxurious wooden chalet with a double bed, bathroom with shower, a kitchen with a small fridge and simple hob. In addition, there are two wooden cabins, one with a double bed and one with two single beds. These wooden huts have a communal (outdoor) kitchen, toilet and shower.
From Indigo Valley you can take beautiful walks without meeting anyone. The landscape is undulating and in the background you can see the mountains. In this area you can also find remains from antiquity.
At a 20-minute walk you can swim in a small lake and at a 10-minute walk there is a restaurant - where you can eat delicious fresh trout - which also has a swimming pool that you can use for a small fee.
The nearest village, Gebiz, is about 2 miles from Indigo Valley. It is not a touristic village, but you will find a bank, a number of shops, a first aid clinic, a tea house and simple restaurant and friendly villagers. On Fridays there is a market until about mid-afternoon.

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Why Healthy Holidays


Small scale

Small scale is nice. It quickly feels familiar and safe. Moreover, there is plenty of attention for each participant.
In addition, the communication lines are short and, for example, a program component can easily be adjusted and completely tailored to the wishes and needs of the participants.



As a naturopath who is also trained as a (company) coach, astrologer and human design consultant, Monique Beijer can use a wide range of resources.
In addition, Monique has a large network of people who each have their own specialties. Therefore do not hesitate to make special wishes known.



The south of Turkey has an average of 300 sunny days a year. The sun ensures the production of vitamin D, a vitamin that in turn is indispensable for the proper functioning of body and mind. Vitamin D, for example, helps in the production of the 'happiness substances' dopamine and serotonin.


Health starts with taking care of yourself.
Health starts with Healthy Holidays Healthy Holidays

Monique Beijer

● Naturopathic  therapist ● consultant & trainer for personal development and health

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