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Mind & Movement

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12 -17 of May
9 – 14 of June


Monique Beijer


Price: 490 €

Mind & Movement

During this week meditation and mindfulness exercises are on the program, good for body and mind. In this week you are invited to reflect on what is going on within you and how you want to deal with it. There are sometimes situations that you can't change, that you have to live with, but you can determine how you react to them. If you want to make more conscious choices and learn to move on the waves of life, this mind & movement workshop holiday will certainly bring you new insights that you can use at home.

During the mind & movement weeks we will spend a lot of time in the mornings on meditation, visualizations, intentions and energy work. These are good opportunities to get closer to yourself because they take you to another level of consciousness. We also spend time letting go of old, limiting thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. Compassion for yourself and others, gratitude, forgiveness and expressing new intentions are important themes this week.

There are five workshop days with a morning program. In the afternoons you are free to do something yourself or just relax. This program is offered including a personal coaching session. If desired, you can also book additional treatments and/or sessions. Just like our other holiday workshops, the mind & movement weeks run from Sunday to Friday afternoon. If you wish, you can book additional days at an additional cost. This is possible without a program, but you can also book extra sessions in consultation. On some evenings, an extra program can be offered in consultation. Think, for example, of dance, making music, painting, writing (poems) and the like.

This is included in the price. You are completely free to participate or not. During the mind & movement weeks, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. We mainly use organic and fresh fruit and vegetables. Depending on the season, we pick the ingredients from our own organic garden. Evening meals are provided by the locals on some days.

This program includes the workshops, full board accommodation (3 meals), excluding flight and transfer costs and any excursions. An additional individual session can be booked at an additional cost. You can read in the individual sessions section what options are available and what the costs are.