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Rose Tour

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29 May - 2 June


Monique Beijer


Price: 470 €

Rose Tour

Rose Journey (5 days trip)

Your vacation begins at Indigo Valley. Depends where you come from, or from the airport or a
other destination we can arrange the transfer for you. Once at Indigo Valley
you can acclimatise quietly, walk in the beautiful surroundings with natural lakes and the river or in
reading a book in the hammock. In the evening we serve a typical Turkish meal and you can start from
view the starry sky from our fire pit.

The next day we take the van on our way to Egridir, we take part of the
back roads so you can enjoy the beautiful forest and hilly landscape. We make
a stop at a dam lake where you can enjoy the view over a cup of tea or coffee
view the lake. We continue our journey towards Egridir via a route of the national park
towards Egridir. On the way we visit an ancient cave, where beautiful stalactites are visible
and where you can also visit a historic bridge from the time of Alexander the Great.
We spend the night in Egridir. Here you can eat and enjoy fresh fish all along the lake
prospect. The ancient castle and mosque are definitely worth a visit. The next day
we are on our way to the rose fields and we also visit the famous lavender village, Kokulu
koi, called. There are cute authentic houses and you can find nice lavender souvenirs
to buy. In the afternoon we go to Isparta. Isparta is a nice quiet town known for its
rose fields and rose products. You can decide for yourself what you would like to do in the center of
Isparta, where we will spend the night. The next day we go to the rose factory and we will
see during the tour how the rose petals are processed into, among other things, rose oil,
rose water and rose perfume. After lunch, we head for one of the most spectacular
historical settlements of this area, Sagalossos. Here too are remnants of the various
cultures that have lived in this area. After our visit we head back to Indigo Valley
and a traditional Turkish evening meal awaits us.

The next morning after breakfast the program is closed and everyone goes their own way again
away, full of new experiences and acquired knowledge, during this rose journey. We can help you with the
transfer to either the airport or to another destination.

Includes 4 nights accommodation, all meals at Indigo Valley, 2 nights bed and breakfast at Egridir and
Isparta. The van during the trip, rose factory tour.
Not included are lunches and evening meals in Egridir and Isparta and the entrance fee at the cave
and possibly transfers.

Maximum group size: 6 people
You are required to take out travel insurance.
We reserve the right to make changes to it if necessary